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Funding Care in Later Life

Elderly people will have many concerns when they face the prospect of long-term residential care.

Having to sell their home should not be one of them.

In Scotland, anyone with assets or income greater than £23,500 is expected to make a major contribution to the cost of keeping them in residential accommodation.

While ‘personal’ care is now free, the hundreds of pounds a week it costs to keep someone in food and lodging is not.

With life expectancy rates increasing all the time, the requirement to pay for care costs could stretch to 20 years or more.

As a result, many people will find it necessary to sell their home to pay for such care.

That’s why we have introduced our ‘Funding Care in Later Life’ service.

We can offer a quick and straightforward release from your property and an assurance that your transaction will be handled compassionately and with dignity.

Move Quick does away with the need for endless property adverts and pointless viewers’ appointments.

We will make a firm offer of a fair price in quick time, allowing you or your loved-one to move on to a new life in new surroundings.

When calling, please ask for our ‘Funding Care in Later Life’ service.