Corporate Property Purchases

Professional Advisers

For a variety of reasons, professional advisers can frequently find that they have a property which needs to be sold.

It may be a solicitor or an accountant who is acting as an executory of the state perhaps a client of an independent financial adviser needs to sell their home to pay for long term residential care.  Often families discover that they have no need for a home they have inherited and are keen to turn it into cash which can be divided, whatever the reason Move Quick can provide a tailor made service which takes much responsibility away from professional advisers.

Professional advisers are experts in their chosen field, we are experts in the property market so please talk to us.

Funding For Long Time Care

We are committed to providing a seamless service to you and your client. Our ‘Funding Care in Later Life’  scheme is designed to provide peace of mind to anyone selling their home freeing up funds for personal care.

Clear funds are now available to let people get on with their lives.  Give us a call.  We are here to help.