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2nd April 2024
‘Mortgage rates will not go back up and Bank of England will be forced to lower interest rates’ says Dr Roger Gewolb

6th March 2024
Households are worse off since the last election, says the IFS

8th February 2024
House price rises highest for a year in January, Halifax says

5th January 2024
Average mortgage rate lowest for nearly seven months

2nd December 2023
House prices edge up as hopes rise of lower mortgage rates

10th November 2023
Mortgage arrears up sharply with landlords hit hard

7th October 2023
House price falls expected into new year, Halifax says

1st September 2023
What is happening to house prices, and could there be a crash?

19th August 2023
Energy bills predicted to drop in October

21st July 2023
Average mortgage rates edge up again after brief fall, market data shows

20th June 2023
Crunch Time for Mortgages

7th June 2023
Housing market: Housebuilding activity drops as UK interest rates rise

23rd April 2023
‘Appalling’: Over 1200 Scots wait more than 10 years for housing

1st March 2023
House prices see biggest annual fall since 2009

10th March 2023
Landlords in Scotland able to increase rents by up to 3% from April as freeze ends

23rd February 2023
Buy-to-let remains investment of choice

7th December 2022
When will house prices fall?

3rd November 2022
Base rate reaches 3%: Industry reaction

5th October 2022
Average two-year mortgage rate highest for 14 years

17 August 2022
UK inflation hits 10.1% as food prices hit 40-year high

28 July 2022
Owning a home has never been more difficult – buyers spend nine times their salary

30 June 2022
House price growth slows again: Is the market set to crash?

31 May 2022
Mortgage borrowing falls by 36% as housing market starts to cool

05 May 2022
Interest rates: What are they and how high could they go?

02 March 2022
House prices see record cash rise, says Nationwide

07 February 2022
Soaring house prices could see thousands eligible for lower mortgage rates

04 February 2022
10 things you need to know if you rent your home

02 January 2022
EYE NEWSFLASH: Is Purplebricks planning to sell-off embattled lettings division?

16 December 2021
Bank of England brings base rate up to 0.25%