Corporate Property Purchases

Unfinished Property Developments

In the world of property developments things never stay the same banks are very reluctant to invest their funds into the small to medium sized developer.

We are able to look at providing funding packages or alternatively we can look at purchasing the full site.

Showpiece flats or terraced houses that should have provided homes for thousands of families have been abandoned because of the financial crisis.

Often, lenders will not extend funds to complete construction because of fears that units will stand empty once they have been finished.

With on-going security and insurance costs, these derelict sites can become a major drain on resources and can irritate other people living nearby.

Move Quick offers the perfect solution for owners of these properties, whether they be liquidators, receivers, banks or alternative funders.
We are looking for compact sites, small developments of between 6 and 20 units across Scotland that may be short of kitchens, bathrooms or other internal fittings.

Our teams of workmen will move in and finish the project and make them habitable for new occupiers.

Give us a call and let’s get things moving again.